Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled

Thyroid-Related Sex Drive Problems

What sorts of things -- medicine, supplements, mind and body approaches -- can be done for a flagging libido?-- Mary Shomon

This can indeed be a difficult area, perhaps one of the least talked-about and most distressing aspects of low thyroid conditions. because in addition to having the same complex biochemical aspects that the more purely physical ailments have, there is often now even more emotional overlay to cope with. Keep in mind that emotional overlay with a thyroid sufferer is in p art due to the compromised brain function that somehow is linked to memory loss, depression, and anxiety. These brain difficulties are known to be a direct result of the lack of proper brain stimulation by thyroid hormone. We consider this challenge to be one that begs for creative solutions, as well as the optimal medication and supplementation.

First of all, if low libido is affecting your life, once again make sure that your thyroid correction is as exactly right for you as possible. You may need a different brand of thyroxine, you may need T-3 added to your thyroxine regime, you may do better on natural thyroid hormone. If you are already on natural thyroid, you could benefit from adding synthetic T-3 and/or T-4 added. For some people, an excellent way to accomplish this is with the synthetic combo called Thyrolar. This fixed combination does not serve everyone well, and many do better with two different pill bottles, one of T-3 and one of T-4, so as to get a more personalized ration of the two. If you are on natural thyroid and it is working reasonably well, you still might benefit from changing brands of natural thyroid. In addition to Armour, there is Naturethroid, Westroid, the new Bio-Throid, and the old standby Proloid.

In addition to these medication possibilities, make sure your vitamin intake is strong. That means: a high quality multivitamin and multimineral (not from discount drug store); plenty of extra antioxidants, which help with inflammation of the gland through eliminating free radicals; extra amino acids, generally a couple of grams a day of mixed high-quality aminos; to ensure entry of thyroid hormone into the cells, take a full dose of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. This means adding to your fish or flax oils some primrose or borage oil.

We suggest doing everything possible to balance your life, including meditation, exercise, stress-reduction maneuvers, counseling with the opportunity for safe emotional discharge, and simply taking time off to do nothing in p art icular. This program, with the last suggestions in p art icular, can be highly effective in freeing up creativity, or sexual energy, that has been hidden or locked inside.

As we have detailed in our book THYROID POWER, there are many other loving actions one can take with oneself and one's p art ner to overcome this challenge. An energy-compromised person must guard her energy carefully, making decisions about where to spend it just as one must when considering financial expenditures. When one person has this condition, the couple must work together diligently to protect their energetic investment, often necessitating a thoughtful decision-making process that honors the needs of the unit. This kind of teamwork becomes even more critical when caring for children, aging parents, or in highly demanding work situations.

The actual day-to-day spark can be more forthcoming if the non-affected p art ner can contribute to re-establishing more energy flow through supportive behavior, including massaging sore muscles, reminding the affected person to exercise, eat properly, take the assorted supplements mentioned, eat nutritionally-charged foods that work to enhance energy (less and less sugar and junk food, more low-fat protein and less carbs).

The p art ner can lovingly remind the affected person of his or her needs without coming across as demanding or blaming. This can, under the right circumstances, become an interesting challenge for the pair. It seems to require the pursuit of romance much like the playful seduction applied in the earlier courting days of the relationship. While this can be perceived as a burden to tired working couples or parents of young children, it is a challenge worthy of the time and space needed to maintain harmony. If a person is not in a committed relationship, she or he must be even more protective of oneself and ones energy, in order to create the possibility of a more balanced life. The truth is, this is a big challenge, and one must make very wise decisions about where to spend time and commitment. (July, 2002)

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