Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled

A Hormonal Health Book to Change Your Life

(Contents & Preface)



Coming Back to Life:
Facing the Growing Challenge of Hormone Havoc


An Obvious & Elegant Solution:
Rebalance & Recharge Your Energy Glands
-- Author's Appeal to Medical Doctors
-- Notes for Nurses, the Caregiving Experts
-- A Heartfelt Invitation to Natural Health Providers

Before You Begin:
The "3-Legged Stool"- A New Model for Balancing Glands
-- The "Feeling Fat" Thyroid-Driven Physical Endo -Type
-- The "Fuzzy-Thinking" Sex-Gland Driven Mental Endo -Type
-- The "Fried & Frazzled" Adrenal-Driven Emotional Endo-Type

Step I: The Five Day Jump Start

Chapter 1 Name The Problem
Chapter 2 Determine The Cause
Chapter 3 Estimate Your Endo -Type Using Self-Evaluations
Chapter 4 Confirm Your Endo -Type with Simple Home Tests
Chapter 5 Set the Stage for Success

Step II: Intermediate Re-Balancing Tools

Chapter 6 Reduce Fat: Boost A Tired Thyroid
Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, & Prescriptions

Chapter 7 Improve Fuzzy Thinking: Restore Sleepy Sex Glands
Progesterone, Testosterone, & Alternative Therapies

Chapter 8 Eliminate Frazzle: Rebuild Burnt-Out Adrenals
Pregnenolone, Glandulars, DHEA, & Cortisol

Step III: Sustaining Long Term Success

Chapter 9 Look & Feel Your Best:
Maintain A Comfortable Weight, Energy, & Outlook

Chapter 10 Be Sharp & Focused at Work & Play:
Smart Nutrients Plus Mind-Focus Techniques

Chapter 11 Stay Calm & Centered While Enjoying Life:
Relaxation Techniques for Hormonal Harmony

Chapter 12 Putting It Together

Epilogue: Feeling Fit, Focused, & Fabulous!


Ordering Your Home Lab Tests
Locating Your Recommended Vitamins
Further Reading & Hormone Research
For More Information
Finding Appropriate Practitioners
What To Show Your Doctor
If you Need Additional Help

About the Authors


Coming Back to Life:
Simple Yet Profound Steps for Restoring Your Health

Gland Imbalance is largely an unsuspected illness.
Even when suspected, it is frequently undiagnosed.
When it is diagnosed, it often goes untreated.
When it is treated, it is seldom treated optimally.

As Jackie walked into our office, we hardly recognized her. Years earlier, she had been a vital, attractive woman, at the top of her field. In her mid-thirties, she was clearly enjoying her life as a financial consultant. She loved what she did - and was good at it. She charged a lot for her services, but she was worth it. That was ten years ago.

Today, Jackie looked frazzled and unhappy. While aging isn't always kind, Jackie had clearly deteriorated more rapidly, and profoundly, than normal. On her face, we could see a road map of her life these past years, her vitality waning, her hair falling out, her body expanding, and her humor departing. She looked beaten down by life.

Simple self-testing, the right nutritional support, and a few easily-implemented interventions and Jackie was renewed before our eyes, within a few months time, at a cost much less than a facelift, with many more benefits and fewer risks. Jackie was her old self, mature yet lovely - and we were again impassioned to assist every person, pre-teen or octogenarian, in knowing how to make the simple adjustments that can allow you to" come back to life".

IS THIS YOU? Once, you felt young, vital, and eager to conquer life. Ideas flowed, love blossomed, and the world was right. While perhaps not perfect, these early years were blessed with an inner vitality, an ability to restore. You readily bounced back from the bumps of daily life.

Later, things changed. You began to feel less whole, "not right", lost in a haze, leaving only a shadow of your former self.

Are you one of the millions who feel "fat, fuzzy, or frazzled"? Evidence is mounting that a spiraling epidemic is catching tens of millions in its escalating whirl. It drains our life force, then dumps us - unceremoniously - into doctors' offices. If our lab tests show normal, we may be blamed for not eating right, not thinking right, not getting enough exercise. We are given pills that obscure the real problem, leaving us vainly searching for our former fuller lives.

Fatigue, depression, weight gain, high cholesterol, low sex function, insomnia, anxiety, attention deficit, and severe menopause are common health challenges today. Yet generally, they are NOT the true culprit. What often lies at the heart of these various diagnoses, with hundreds of related symptoms, is one underlying common cause: Metabolic gland imbalance, now in epidemic proportions.

Experts concur that one in ten Americans have some degree of endocrine gland disruption, where the various glands that are supposed to work together in harmony (such as thyroid, adrenals, and sex glands) become depleted or confused, altering the hormonal output, wreaking havoc on our lives. In our modern industrialized society, the factors contributing to this epidemic are multiple. The result is chaos. Endocrine disruption is affecting the large majority of the world population, including animals as well as humans.

This situation is so daunting and so pervasive as to be increasingly missed by the medical community and by governmental agencies created to protect us. As the famous comic strip character Pogo once said, "there is no problem so huge, so widespread, and so difficult to solve, that it cannot be run away from."

We are here to share some good news. As a committed doctor-nurse team, we know it can be fixed! And as two people, like you, who have this condition (as do all three of our children), we know how much better you can feel.

This unique book was written to share knowledge we've gained over decades of research and personal experience - coupled with professional practice - in an easy and stepwise program. It offers an integrative hormone - balancing program with proven successful interventions for combining thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones with natural therapies. This book will help you to understand your condition, to combine simple home evaluation methods with standard medical testing for a more accurate diagnosis, and to create a plan that will enable you to move at your own pace back into your former healthy life.

If you're looking for answers - read on. This program can help you take action quickly, to reclaim your youthful vigor with a new zest for facing these health challenges. Best of all, this book provides a roadmap to overcome them. It will help you to take a proactive role in partnership with your health providers, and ultimately, to live your best and fullest life.


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