Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled

Story Angles

For Media Professionals and Consumer Health Advocates

  • Hormone havoc is an undeclared epidemic.
  • A Simple, Obvious, and Elegant Solution: Rebalance and Recharge Energy Glands
  • Rebalance Your Glands and Reclaim Your Life
  • Rebalance & Recharge Your Energy Glands
  • Simple Solutions To Energy Hormone Balance
  • A 3-Step Plan For Integrative Energy Hormone Balance
  • A Whole-Person Approach To Energy Hormonal Balance
  • Revolutionary Approach To Body Balance
  • The 1st book to address the the "Mother of all epidemics" - "the missing diagnosis "- "if you're feeling bad, stop chasing symptoms, and address the root problem"
  • A new paradigm, using saliva tests in favor of blood tests. This is BREAKTHROUGH - Revolutionary!
  • A New Model For Hormone Balance-the 3 legged stool model is the key to firing up one's "energy engine".
  • Choose the Program that's right for your Endo-Type .
  • Hormonal balance is a KEY FACTOR in other critical CURRENT EPIDEMICS - diabetes, childhood diabetes, depression, severe menopause, infertility, miscarriage, panic and anxiety disorder, and especially of overweight, which effects MANY millions
  • The #1 reason people have not received benefit they've sought from variety of prescription medicines used for these conditions is that the "underlying cause" of these conditions is HORMONAL IMBALANCE, "tired glands" which slow down your "energy engine".
  • Stop Blaming Yourself, Start Feeling Better - you may be a victim of a pollution-caused epidemic of mild hormone disruption.
  • A Consumer Approach To Hormone Balance
  • This book differs from other hormone books in that it doesn't just offer another "BANDAID" approach--TAKING HORMONES TO GET RID OF SYMPTOMS--it's a way to correct  the underlying problem [GLAND IMBALANCE], FOR A LIFETIME....



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