Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled

Book Synopsis

An Elegant Solution to a Troubling Epidemic

This book explores one of the most serious health care issues of modern medical care - the lack of attention to pervasive bothersome illnesses caused by environmentally induced gland imbalance. The authors, a doctor-nurse team for over 25 years, have an elegant and profound solution.

Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled is the first book written by health professionals to address the reasons for and the many uncomfortable symptoms of multiple gland imbalance. It also is unusual in offering questionnaires that help readers determine their unique gland profile. It further recommends and explains how home-based self diagnosis can help to more accurately define the specific hormonal deficiencies. Finally, it suggests natural remedies and other approaches to help rebalance the glandular system.

Consumer Advocacy to Resolve Our Most Pressing Health Care Issues

Given that our glands control EVERY aspect of our metabolism, cell reproduction, and immunity, the importance of this topic to one's general health cannot be overestimated. This book focuses mainly on the three most important hormone-producing tissues - thyroid, adrenal, and sex glands. It provides a detailed explanation of how to determine your main gland imbalance, and immediately begin successful re-balancing efforts that are easily understood by a mass-market readership.

While focusing on the hormonal triad, our book also presents a model for consumer advocacy and empowerment, especially encouraging consumers in finding their own voice. In doing so, it can help to reshape modern medicine into a more responsive and egalitarian system.

Most of all, this book demystifies the current epidemic of gland imbalance that causes hundreds of uncomfortable everyday symptoms, allowing millions of health consumers to look and feel their best. It is simple, elegant and profound - the right combination of self-diagnosis and modern medicine for our fast-paced ailing society. This powerful new program has the potential to change a great many lives - immediately - and forever.


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