Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled

Additional Help

For those who cannot locate a knowledgeable practitioner:
If you cannot find a willing, knowledgeable practitioner, you may elect to have your tests interpreted by Dr. Shames in the context of a Telephone Coaching Session  or Call Toll-Free (866) 468-4979.

For those already working with a helpful practitioner:
Ideally your practitioner would place the order, or you can list your practitioner so that both of you would receive a copy of the results. If you require further support interpreting these results, a conference call can be arranged. You or your practitioner can consult with Dr. Shames, faxing results to him and discussing their meaning in a Telephone Coaching Session.

Some people who already have a practitioner consult with Dr. Shames in addition to their own practitioner to more fully understand their situation and to create the best possible plan. Some people elect to have their local caregiver consult with Dr. Shames about their case.

This new model of health education allows you to understand your metabolic and hormonal challenges while also assisting you in the process of making sensible decisions about how you might best proceed in addressing your concerns.


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