Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled

Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory

Established in 1986, Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory has helped pioneer the field of laboratory functional testing.

Functional testing assesses the dynamic inter-relationship of physiological systems, thereby creating a more complete picture of one's health, unlike traditional allopathic testing, which is more concerned about the pathology of disease.

By supporting the practitioner in identifying the root cause of chronic conditions, functional testing helps the practitioner to develop optimal interventions to assist patients in their quest for achieving lasting health.

This laboratory serves over 8000 primary/specialty physicians and health care providers worldwide, offering over 125 specialized diagnostic assessments.

These innovative tests cover a wide range of physiological areas, including digestive, immune, nutritional, endocrine, metabolic function - along with GENOVATIONS™ profiles targeting modifiable effects of gene polymorphism.

The laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists and fully licensed by HCFA.

Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory-www.gsdl.com

Toll-free phone number:
(800) 522-4762
Call this number with questions about the types of testing offered, and to access the Physician Referral service to find a physician near you.


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