Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled

Taking Medical Tests at Home
(Saliva and Other)

To assist you in securing high-quality home testing at the lowest possible cost, we have made arrangements with several labs using innovative saliva and blood spot testing, which is often better than standard blood tests for these hormones.

Validity of Saliva Hormone Tests (home based)

For those interested in reviewing research on the validity of home Saliva Testing, we recommend visiting our Saliva Testing page.

Labs We Recommend

All of these labs are excellent and provide similar evaluations. We have personally used each of them for our patients with great success for years.

* There are differences that we feel you should know about prior to making your decision.

For that reason, we have posted some information about each lab on our website, with a link to their site, which we recommend you also review. Please take time to review all of these laboratory writeups, so you can be an informed consumer as you move ahead on the road to wellness.

Others either use blood spot testing for thyroid (ZRT because they consider it more precise) and ZRT is also available through The Canary Club at a discount. BioHealth and Great Smokies Labs use the older blood draw method.

For these reasons, we suggest that consumers review the websites of each individual lab before making your best possible decision.

ZRT Laboratory Now available through the Canary Club at special rates
Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory
Bio-Health Laboratories


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