Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled

Zrt Laboratory
Beaverton, Oregon

ZRT Laboratory's stated mission is to educate health care professionals and the public about the importance of hormone balance to optimal mental and physical health. They offer a variety of educational resources and The Hormone Hotline, a 24-hour taped audio-library with a wide range of topics on hormone balance and testing.

ZRT Laboratory, is a CLIA certified hormone-testing facility owned and operated by Dr. David Zava, PhD., the biochemist and cancer researcher who developed cutting-edge technology for saliva and blood spot sample processing and analysis. This is the only large-volume clinical laboratory to remove contaminants from saliva samples that may otherwise alter accuracy of test results.  Using advanced methods of testing and documentation, ZRT provides a comprehensive Hormone Evaluation that can identify specific hormone imbalances that may be causing symptoms associated with chronic disorders, disease and rapid aging.

ZRT is the only lab that documents and correlates patient-reported symptoms with tested hormone levels. Follow-up results provide comparative reporting to enable monitoring of symptoms over time and/or with appropriate therapy.

Complete directions for home sample collection of individual hormones and panels come with the test kits, which are mailed to you by the lab, unless your practitioner has them available. ZRT Lab uses a finger-prick blood spot test rather than saliva for heightened accuracy of thyroid evaluations. (ZRT has chosen not to measure thyroid hormones in saliva due to its potential for erroneous results caused by small amounts of contamination
.) Home collection of thyroid hormones in blood spot is currently available only through ZRT. Both blood and saliva samples can be conveniently collected at home on the same day and sent to ZRT in the prepaid packaging provided.

Canary Club members can now order ZRT kits at a discount


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