Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled

Choose the Best High Potency Vitamins for Your Condition

While there are thousands of companies and natural health products related to the issues presented in this book, for the purposes of ensuring that you get the best possible start, we are recommending initially only those top organizations run by people we have personally met and whose work we highly respect. As you improve, you can explore more local options should you should so desire. Since many readers are stressed and busy, we are making simple suggestions here to help you find those vitamin products that facilitate immediate results.

Please read through the various descriptions and feel free to contact the vitamin companies that interest you most. All will provide excellent support in helping you to choose the best high potency vitamins for your endo-type and budget.

Be sure to tell them that Dr. Shames sent you
We have working relationships with the companies listed and have personally identified their specific vitamin products (mentioned below) that would be most optimal for readers of our book Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled? and the visitors to this website.

Vitamin companies we personally recommend

Read a brief background on each company, then see the products we recommend. General Products for all endo-types and Specific Products for individual Health needs separated according to endo-type. (We recommend these as dictated by your specific situation.)

Xymogen (see note)
New Spirit Naturals
Sunrider International
Single Items

Just as we have suggested one of our favorite labs as the likely first choice for your diagnostic needs, we now suggest the first vitamin company (Xymogen) as a good place to get started with your enhanced nutritional program.

Final Note:
In addition to the above companies, we highly recommend that, when you have time, you browse through your local merchants and keep learning more about their natural health products.

There are many excellent health food and vitamin stores across the country that are serving people well by providing high quality vitamin products and information to consumers. We know quite a few of them personally, and we support their efforts, and we applaud their important role.

Many non-discounted health food stores have excellent products. Locate one that has well-trained and educated staff who can help you.


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