Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled


Articles and Interviews by  Dr. Richard Shames and Dr. Karilee Shames are featured in various on the internet as well as in magazines. The full text of the articles are on this website, with a reference and link to the original article at the bottom of the page.

Update On The Thyroid - Gynecology Connection
Estrogen, Menopause and  Your Thyroid
The Adrenal - Thyroid Connection 
When To Get A Second Opinion
Avoiding the "Tyranny" of the Test
Fluoride: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Passed
Fluoridated Water A Bone Danger
Thyroid Related Hair Loss
Thyroid Related Sex Drive Problems
Saliva and Urine Tests for Thyroid Disease
Men versus Women with Thyroid Problems
How to Interpret Your Lab Tests


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