Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled

Invitation to Health Consumer

A simple, obvious, and elegant solution: Rebalance and Recharge Energy Glands

The dance among the endocrine hormones can seem as mysterious as the stars twinkling in their galaxies. Our mission and yours-should you choose to accept it-is to go where few doctors have dared to tread.

We wish to simplify this complexity, to help you find a new mastery over your metabolism, and thus improve the quality of your daily life. Our goal is to make this crucial topic as simple as one, two, three.

Here is the best news: This book can reverse years of unnecessary suffering and prevent even more hardship to come. The information shared is simple, safe, and effective. It is offered by experienced, caring health providers who are committed to supporting you in commanding better health care and achieving optimal health.

Recent studies have confirmed that disrupted metabolism affects at least 10 to 25 percent of our population, causing them-and perhaps you-to feel tired, listless, unmotivated, overwhelmed, out of control, spacey, and fearful. Sadly, the majority of people suffering with metabolic imbalance remain undiagnosed, while it slowly drains their daily joy, eroding their overall quality of life.
Epidemiologists also point to significant death and disease from this silent yet deadly situation if the imbalance is left untreated or is treated sub optimally.

To compound this jeopardy, many of these same metabolism-impaired people are dealing with heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, infertility, or severe menopause-caused by the imbalance! Often, neither patients nor their doctors realize that beneath these more severe diagnoses lurks an easily treated hormonal problem that could be making everything else worse.

In writing this, we are speaking not only to the millions of people who already have been diagnosed with an adrenal-, thyroid-, or sex-hormone issue, but also to the tens of millions more who simply feel lousy and don't know why. It is our goal to demonstrate that rebalancing your gland system can be of enormous benefit, for dozens of debilitating everyday symptoms-many of which are currently being treated one symptom at a time (if at all) rather than being viewed as constituting a syndrome. Best of all, we
aim to demonstrate that correcting this imbalance is easy, effective, and cost saving.

We know from both personal and professional experience that getting back to health can be a lifelong sometimes frustrating journey. We wish to honor the tremendous health burden of those who have been suffering for years. We know that doctors, in their haste, often dismiss patients with multiple, seemingly unrelated symptoms, saying to them, "It's all in your head." Such a comment can affect your feelings, causing depression.

After years of discomfort, it may be hard for you to imagine the profound and sometimes spontaneous relief that can occur through gentle rebalancing steps. Our stories, taken from actual patient experiences (names and identifying characteristics have been changed), speak volumes more eloquently than we possibly could.

With this program, you will see why the best healing occurs when all glands are properly balanced within each system~ as well as in relation to each other. Then, and only then, can the endocrine system function like an orchestra, playing the various sections off one another, eventually inspiring every cell, and all aspects of our lives-physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Our self-evaluations will allow you to determine whether your thyroid, adrenal, or reproductive systems appear to be functioning at normal, subnormal, or above-normal levels. This evaluation process helps you to better comprehend your own personal metabolic profile, which is as unique as your fingerprints. You can then apply early natural interventions that offer needed relief, often without resorting to medications that can cloud the true picture and possibly cause harm.

We intend to help you become an armchair expert on cutting-edge developments, including the newest and simplified home-based saliva, blood spot, and urine testing, so you can more accurately define your own personal endocrine profile. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to speak confidently to your professional health team, to command the best possible care.

These early steps, the jumpstart for our longer-term program, can help you feel surprisingly better within days. As an added bonus, these same steps can be repeated again and again in the future, as part of your ongoing evaluation process. If you are sufficiently improved on these first natural or over-the-counter items, then no further evaluation or treatment may be necessary at this time. Many people feel better quickly with this plan.

If, however, you do not feel adequately improved, you can then schedule time with your doctor, requesting specific blood tests that will help you to pinpoint the culprit efficiently. Based on the results, you may then advocate for a trial of prescription medicine for thyroid-, reproductive-, or adrenal-balancing hormones.

For those of you interested in working proactively with professionals, you will be given detailed tips on the most cost-effective and revealing blood tests, which ones to perform first, and how to interpret them optimally for improved treatment results. This step-by-step plan is focused to help you choose the tests that will provide the most essential information, giving you quicker peace of mind and saving you money.

You will be encouraged to seek out practitioners who are willing to listen closely, who will support you respectfully in your journey toward ideal endocrine balance. You will be given information on a wealth of subjects, from advocacy to xenoestrogens, interwoven into the personal stories of others with similar issues, patients who have used this program successfully. You will be encouraged to ask the right questions to command better health care. You will have the opportunity to learn, based on our decades of work with patients just like yourself, to solve the problems of feeling fat, fuzzy, or frazzled, and to feel well again-for good.

In addition, this book is intended to encourage you, as a health consumer, to find your own voice, to advocate most effectively for yourself and loved ones. It further seeks to inspire millions of health professionals to return to their roots, reclaiming the lost art of healing so desperately absent from today's healthcare system.

"Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled?"  is the right medicine for our fast-paced, ailing society. This powerful new program addresses the root cause of some of our most common and life-altering symptoms, and it has the potential to change a great many lives-yours especially-immediately and forever. Let's start feeling better today.


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