Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled

Sex Gland Evaluations

Sex Gland Evaluations for Women

Women, Could You Be LOW Estrogen? Do You Have the Following?
  • Foggy thinking, inability to think clearly through a dilemma?
  • Hot flashes during the day, OR excessive sweating at night?
  • Feeling tearful, often at slightest provocation? OR unable to cope comfortably?
  • If menstruating, early period days are your most difficult time of month?
  • Women, Could You Be HIGH Estrogen? Do You Have the Following?
  • Exceptionally fine, smooth, "glowing" skin, hardly needing creams and extra care?
  • Heavy bleeding OR uterine fibroids? Endometriosis diagnosed, or extremely uncomfortable uterine symptoms?
  • Tender breasts, at times a sense of being bruised, or of excess fullness?
  • PMS time is or has been the most difficult time of month?

Sex Gland Evaluations for Men

Men, Could You Be LOW Testosterone? Do You Have the Following?

  • Decreased mental ability? Or decreased memory? Or noticeable foggy thinking?
  • Decreased erection or sexual performance? OR decreased sex drive?
  • A noticeable decrease in muscle mass?
  • Apathy, not caring much what happens, low motivation for life?
  • Men, Could You Be HIGH Testosterone? Do You Have the Following?
  • Constant pressured feeling? OR almost constant irritability? OR increased anxiousness for little reason?
  • Increased aggressive behavior? OR excessive, near violent responses to provocation, with little interest in conciliation?
  • Excessive body and/or facial hair (not scalp)?
  • Foggy thinking, unable to focus or think clearly?

If you answered "Yes" to four or more of these questions, you could be one of millions of people with an imbalance of your Thyroid, Adrenals or Sex Glands. Be sure to get a copy of Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled? and take the Self-Evaluation Tests in Chapter 3,  to help determine if an Energy Gland Imbalance is your definite diagnosis. 

REMEMBER that if you would like additional support with your health situation,
Dr. Richard Shames
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