Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled

Thyroid Gland Evaluations

Could You Be Low Thyroid? Do You Have the Following:

  • Problems with weight (very easy to gain, OR extremely hard to lose, despite sensible food intake OR good exercise)?
  • Problems with body temperature (feeling chilly when others don't? OR cold feet and/or hands? OR needing to wear socks to bed, OR having to dress in layers during the day? OR decreased sweating, OR slow to heat up with exercise)?
  • Problems with RATE of body processes (decreased reaction time, OR slowed reflexes, OR sluggish bowel constipation, OR sluggish liver/ high cholesterol)?
  • Problems with ENERGY (severe fatigue, OR utterly exhausted by end of day, OR times during day when energy drops out completely, feeling like the plug is pulled on your energy)?

Could You Be HIGH THYROID? Do You Have the Following?

  • Bulging eyes? "Staring gaze," or people commenting that you're looking at them too intently?
  • Excessively fast heart rate, or runs of skipped beats, or bothersomepalpitations? Mild or coarse shaking of fingers or hands (tremor)?
  • Swelling OR tenderness of thyroid gland (goiter)?
  • Panic attacks or breathlessness for no reason? OR unusual irritability or hyped-up behavior change without clear cause? OR general anxiety or nervousness for no apparent reason?

The one gland out of the three glands queried (thyroid, adrenal, sex glands) with the highest number of "yes" answers (both high and low) indicates which gland system is your apparent endo-type. This is where you might now best focus your healing efforts. Be sure to get a copy of Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled? and take the full Self-Evaluation Tests in Chapter 3,  to help determine your endo-type more accurately. 

REMEMBER that if you would like additional support with your health situation,
Dr. Richard Shames
is now available to do individual coaching over the phone with you.


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