Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled


Vicki Heminger
"Dr. Shames has helped me SO much.  He fully understands endocrine issues and the balancing of thyroid & adrenal issues.  He is saving lives every day -- I'm one of them -- I never thought I could get the metabolic balance I have now!  Thank you, Dr. Shames!"

Linda Anderson
"I feel more like my old self than I ever thought I would feel again!"

Susan Campbell, PhD
Author of Getting Real, Truth in Dating and Saying What's Real

Even though I feel healthy and have no noticeable "symptoms," I am finding Thyroid Power to be a very helpful resource in my ongoing quest to live at my maximum potential. This book contains sound, well-researched advice that can be useful to everyone who values good health.

Michelle Smith, Janesville, WI
I just wanted to say thank you for writing "Thyroid Power".  It is the first book that I have read that "feels right" in terms of understanding, diagnosis, and medications.

Your book has given me the knowledge I need to fight for my health and get my life back!

 I can't wait to read the new book.  The more info I can "arm" myself with, the better!
Thank you for all of the work you do!

Elizabeth Randall, San Jose, CA
Just a quick "note" to thank you for the time that you spent with me during yesterday's conference call.  I appreciate the care that you spent in crafting together a protocol that prioritizes my issues (adrenal, sex hormone, and thyroid) and then carefully introduces the necessary corrections.  It was really nice to talk to someone who understands and I finally feel that I'm not losing my mind!

Paul Magid, Manalapan, NY June 2007
"I had been to NINE different doctors over the last decade of misery, pain, and inability to enjoy life. I finally saw Dr. Shames, who was the only one to treat three hormones at the same time. Plus, he gave me the higher doses that I clearly needed.

Now I'm feeling normal again for the first time in 14 years! Plus, I've lost 22 pounds, and kept it off!"

Glenda J. ODell
Thank you for writing the book, Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled. I am 65 years old. I recently read your book, took the symptoms tests, went to Canary Club website and ordered the saliva tests. The results confirmed I had low adrenal function and low thyroid levels, especially T3. I am so grateful for the information in this book and so grateful for the education on how these glands work and affect the other body systems. I am also grateful for the Canary Club website making it possible to order the saliva tests and confirm one problem with my health. I feel that I have had this problem off and on for nearly 25 to 30 years. For the past 6 weeks, I have been using the natural alternatives in your book and feel so much better already. I feel that I probably owe you a tremendous amount for helping me improve my energy and quality of life. I feel you have saved me from further depletion of energy and a down hill slide to worse health. Thank you a million times a million times a million. You have a permanent fan. My daughter has taken the Canary Club saliva test. I am telling everyone I know about this book and the Canary Club.

Sandra M. Rubin
"Dr. Shames: Today, like most of my days, I awoke feeling fresh and energetic, present, and ready to continue on my path. I appreciate so much the range of options that your medical knowledge and skill provided and - most importantly - the trust in listening and allowing for experimentation in order to find a healthy balance. Everyday I am so very grateful for the small but significant list of things that make up the good fortune of my life - and that includes you! Thank you so much!"

Amanda Wongsonegoro, CMT, Petaluma CA
Dr. Richard Shames and Karilee restored my health. They are the only health care team I know of committed to thyroid patients. I found them after reading Thyroid Power and Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, and Frazzled. After reading FFF, I learned that I needed adrenal supplementation in addition to thyroid. Once this regimen was adopted I only needed 1/4 of the thyroid I used to take. I am on much less thyroid medication, my weight is where it should be, and I feel healthy and happy. I follow Dr. Shames and Karilee's suggestions on lifestyle. Exercise, healthy diet, and stress relief plays a big part in my well-being. I heartfully recommend the Shames' and believe in their approach to endocrine balance.

Diane, Novato, CA
After ten years of painful scalp and other stressful symptoms, I thought I'd lose my mind! I suspected a thyroid problem, but doctor after doctor did not believe me. None of the other things they tried gave me any benefit. Even an endocrinologist told me my thyroid was fine. Dr. Shames not only believed me, but let me try the treatment options I wanted. Now I"m on a two-medicine thyroid regimen that works great and has me feeling all better. It's wonderful!

Paul Magid, Author/Documentary subject
"Dr. Shames has been like a beacon of light on a long voyage of darkness. His approach of multi-hormone balancing has me feeling the best I have felt in thirteen years, and has erased years of frustration and fear that I would never feel vital and healthy again.

I can not thank you enough for bringing together these 3 componants for desperate women like me who have been searching for answers for years on end. I am only 1/4 of the way through Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, Frazzled and I want to cry at every page... I've been seeking for 7 years the answers to my health issues and I know I've finally found it. Thank-you so much. As I get well, like I know I will, I would like to bring others to your program. As the former CEO and founder of a very well known low carb food company I have literally thousands of internet contacts who have taken my advice on food and supplements. So many of these women are in my situation.... desperate to feel better and anxious for someone to lead them! If you're interested in speaking with me about marketing as we go along here I can help. Or maybe you have people banging your door down as it is.  :-)  In any case, thank you so much for putting all these pieces together for women like me... it's long overdue!

Anita M. Wilson BS, MA, NC
This book answered a lot of questions that I've wondered about for years! By experimenting with the suggestions in their book, I've been able to start achieving amazing results for myself, my family, and others. A real eye-opener! (Spring 2006)

Aviva Snyder, Santa Rosa, CA
Not one of my 5 previous thyroid doctors ever mentioned adrenal to me. Dr. Shames - in addition to telling me about it, added it to my thyroid program which finally allowed me to get fully balanced.

Dr. Shames is an expert on this multi hormone approach, providing a careful & constant fine tuning. I feel normal and wonderful at last!

Karen D'Antonio, Forestville, CA
Prior to seeing Dr. Shames, I felt miserable, fat, tired and hopeless - and especially could not lose any weight!! Now that I have balanced my hormones I feel hopeful, healthy, and positive about my program working. Best of all- I have lost over 80 lbs!

Lisa Nelson
After suffering for over two years with numerous, unpleasant symptoms, (headaches, insomnia, low energy, skin problems, irritability), Dr. Shames found the secret formula for my hypothyroidism. I am feeling like I did ten years ago and my outlook on life in general is significantly better. He was able to diagnose and treat me (when no one else I was seeing could) through listening, testing and persisting. I highly recommend Dr. Shames for anyone suffering with thyroid issues.

Jill Silverman
For years I felt sluggish, with hair loss, dry skin, and difficulty concentrating......

I went from doctor to doctor; 4 of them told me I was normal because my tests were fine - despite low body temp. Dr. Shames did a different thyroid test and found it was low. He found low adrenal on another of his tests. Dr. Shames' treatment has really helped. I can walk easier now, skin & hair are better.

Melinda Nadeau, Redwood City
I thought I was dying young, and couldn't get help from the regular doctors. Now I'm happy that I'm living my life, instead of just surviving it. "

Pamela Ogborn
I can't tell you what a difference your work (Coaching Sessions) has made in my life!

Dr. Sam Von Reiche
Both your book and the coaching session I had with Dr. Rich were positively invaluable to me in my search for the correct treatment of Hashimotos. I have recommended your book to numerous people, including several of my own patients (I'm a psychologist), whom I believe to be either undertreated or misdiagnosed. I simply cannot thank you enough!

Kim Cox
My only regret is not having known about Dr. Shames earlier. Until I consulted with Dr. Shames I felt I had exhausted all means of dealing with my illness. Upon reviewing my medical records Dr. Shames offered me encouragement and new insights as to what might be contributing to my continuing symptom. I highly recommend, to anyone who still does not feel their best with autoimmune thyroid disease, a coaching session with Dr. Shames. It has greatly benefited me and I cannot say enough positive things about my experience in dealing with him. If anyone has any questions and would like to contact me please feel free to do so.

About a month ago, we spoke on the telephone, and had a follow-up thyroid coaching session. I wanted to send you this email message to Iet you know that I found out about a week and a half ago that I'm going to have a baby! :) My husband and I had tried for quite awhile. with no luck, but I've been taking Armour Thyroid since May this year, and I have felt better in the past few months than I have ever felt before. AND, we were able to conceive! :) This is my first pregnancy, and I know that I had horrible symptoms when my thyroid was undertreated (including the inability to conceive), and my phone consultation session (my first one in April with you) was my first major step to seek proper treatment, and I just wanted to say thanks very much for being there and being available to mentor and educate. and for being open-minded about different methods of treatment.! :)
I cannot possibly put into words the tremendous amount of joy that I feel. This is the greatest blessing of all. I just wanted to share the news. :) Regards.
May you be in heaven 15 minutes before the devil knows you are dead! -- Irish proverb

S.N. says she started Naturthroid and is doing very well!!! She says, "If I were a sculptor I'd build an altar to Dr. Shames."

Thank you for your help and support. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis, I read several books on the subject and then found Thyroid Power. I was so engrossed in the book, I read it cover to cover in a couple of days. Armed with this information, I tried working with my existing doctor.

After more futile effort I decided to have a conference call with Dr. Shames. I spent over an hour talking with Dr. Shames. He was very helpful and he listened to me, he gave me specific suggestions and I took those recommendations to a doctor I found on his physician referral.

Dr. Shames gave me very specific recommendations and several ideas for improving my immune system, even beyond those covered in his book. I am doing dramatically better and expect that to continue.

I highly recommend coaching sessions with Dr. Shames. Start by reading his book, then write up your medical profile and send copies of your lab work. I plan to use Dr. Shames in future coaching sessions it was so helpful.

Lilia Mallik
I just wanted to thank Dr. Shames again. He is a wonderful doctor. For years, I had a stubborn thyroid problems. The thyroid problems were causing mental health problems which masked the true thyroid disease. I had hashimoto's thyroiditis. I was put on medications that caused horrible side effects.

I switched medicines and doctors. However, I still had thyroid problems which were serious enough to keep me from functioning normally. I went to a homeopathic doctor. I believe that the homeopathic treatment alleviated some major symptoms however, the homeopath was unable to understand my problem with blood antibodies. During the homeopathic treatment, my mental problems unfortunately relapsed. . Fortunately, I had found Dr. Shames's book earlier on an online bookstore.

The first endocrinologist that I saw diagnosed my problems but, he provided no treatment. Dr. Shames finanally gave me the treatment that I would need.

I finally decided to start dealing with stress in a healthy way. Under doctor's advice, I was able to taper off sleep medecine.

Maureen Decombe, Sausalito, CA
At last one reliable place that gathers all of the various information to help with this complex issue.

Lois Case-Anguin, CA.
I am delighted with my new combined thyroid/adrenal program. After 30 years of partial treatments I finally feel like a person again.

William and Donna Toole, St. George, Utah
As we got older, we felt something was not right, not up to par, but no doctors were able to help. After working with Dr. Shames we now feel better than we have in the last 20 years.

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